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Solistes XXI
Solistes XXI
The French vocal ensemble Solistes XXI, founded in 1988 (as les jeunes solistes) by its artistic director Rachid Safir, has been based at the Fondation Royaumont since the start of 2001.

With a complement ranging from 4 to 20 singers, Solistes XXI is actually an ensemble of soloists. Continual work together is important to them, even though – as a rule – they sing with only one voice to a part.

Solistes XXI cover a repertoire from the renaissance to contemporary music: Gesualdo, Purcell, Monteverdi, Blow and Jannequin stand beside Vivier, Klaus Huber, Ferneyhough, Eötvös, Pécou and Harvey, and often both eras are combined to create stimulating programmes. The focus is on old music and very new music, but Ravel, Poulenc, Debussy and many others also find a place.

Solistes XXI can draw on a rich literature from the past. But from the start, they gave out commissions for premieres. The composers with whom they have collaborated on new works include Huber, Xenakis, Pauset, Pécou and Fénélon.

For fifteen years, Solistes XXI have been giving concerts throughout France, and sung at international events and festivals. They have just been heard in Graz, at the Steirischer Herbst, where they were onstage for the premiere of Bernhard Lang's "Theater der Wiederholungen".

Solistes XXI have made numerous CDs; the latest is a recording of Klaus Huber's Miserere hominibus.